why, hello again…

Welcome to the new Five Times August blog, which I’ve subtitled “Anatomy of a Songwriter” for a few reasons; 1.) I’m a songwriter, so there, and 2.) I plan to use this area to offer some insight as to what makes me function as an artist. This will include stories from my life, thoughts on my favorite music, thoughts on my own music, people that inspire me, opinions on topical subjects, and from time to time I may sprinkle in some advice for aspiring artists as well. Sometimes I’ll be stupid and funny, sometimes I’ll be sad and depressing. There may be a time or two when I don’t make any sense at all and moments you don’t exactly agree with me, but hey, that’s okay. Really, I’d just like this to be a place of transparency and honesty. I don’t think we get that enough these days. So, make sure you follow the blog and check in often… I might just write something worth your time (I make no guarantees). Also, feel free to comment at any time to say hello and ask me a question.

With that said, I think now is a good time to announce that I’ve decided to make a new Five Times August album. There’s not much to report yet, just know it’s going to happen. Hopefully that excites you because it excites me. Truthfully, I had no plans to record another album any time soon. However, I have a collection of new and unfinished songs accumulating and I should probably start doing something with them, right? [This is where you respond with “RIGHT!”]

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce you to my new space in the “blogosphere.” Take your shoes off and get cozy. We’re going to have a good time.

Talk to you soon,


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